what i’d really like is for someone to objectively watch me for a week or so and then just sit down with me for a few hours and explain to me what i am like and how i look to others and what my personality is in detail and how i need to improve where do i sign up for that

Ok I just thought of something. So (people who go to my school know this) but there’s a room with animals and hella bunnies and some rats that are actually really cute and birds and such but I think they should make it an option that whenever you are like having a panic attack or a bad day or you just are really not feelin school instead of going to talk to some counselor who doesn’t care and is distracted anyways we can go into that room and hangout with the bunnies and animals and just relax and keep ourselves occupied doing something (and maybe a counselor is in there too and like can talk to you and such if you want) but ahhhh that is my dream